THREAD Talks - Distressing Truths about Distressed Denim

THREAD Talks - Distressing Truths about Distressed Denim


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Distressing Truths about Distressed Jeans

While merchants present virginal elegant images of models posing in fictionally distressed clothing, the backstory is anything but beautiful.

The process is dirty, dangerous, & expensive. The irrational destruction of fabric is contrary to sustainability objectives.

As we are awakened to the dangers of global warming, how is it that the fashion industry is so diabolically tone deaf and perpetuates these regressive practices?

Destroying the integrity of clothing with blades, lasers, sandpaper, stones, chemicals, and aggressive tools allows consumers to pretend their clothes reflect the wear and tear associated with actual experiences.

Perhaps demand for these “faux finishes” is a tragic commentary on our lifestyles.

Natural wear in clothing is like a fingerprint. We grow to love the particular blemishes, softness, fit, and uniqueness that our jeans develop as we engage in life’s adventures. Frayed edges, splatters of paint, and layers of patches become badges of honour for lives well lived...virtual walking journals of our unique identities.

Meanwhile, millions of people are wearing the same template of holes created in an anonymous factory. The finished products are no longer legitimate apparel, but rather disposable ephemeral tragic statements, often deceptively described as “vintage”.

Why has this phenom taken hold?

Would we rather buy something that claims we live a full life or should we actually live that active life?

Legitimate vintage clothing celebrates the artisanal qualities of garments, complete with imperfections and blemishes that remind us of human experiences.


Laura MacNutt , KingsPIER Curated Collections ©2021

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