Vintage 1980s Cazal Sunglasses

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Vintage extremely rare 1980s Cazal Sunglasses 857 258 with pink lenses and white , red frames.

As new clear of any signs of wear.


AZAL 857 258

Cazal is undisputedly be considered one of the most influential  in the eyewear industry. Based in Germany, their impact in the American Hip Hop industry is significant .

Cazal's luxurious materials that were used to create these legendary frames were literally the subject of controversial elitism. 

Hip hop legends Run DMC were notorious for wearing Cazal, effectively taunting their fans ; Cazal frames were inaccessible because of their high price. They were notoriously the subject of heists. Nowadays, vintage Cazal eyewear continues to be a must have
accessory form many hip hop titans like Rick Ross (who actually has Cazal tattooed on his face), Big
Boi from Outkast, Jay-Z and Mos Def.


Made in W. Germany 

Glasses are in excellent as new condition.